How our solutions
helping business

  • Replaces announcement posters in common areas
    and break rooms
  • Meeting room signs
  • Brand communications in public and guest areas
  • Digital signs combines high design conference
    room with functional information dashboards
  • KPI dashboards for departmental stuff in full, regular view, instead of weekly meetings

Our solution for your business

  • Conference room signage
  • Direction plates for hotel services
  • Lichtfeld for restaurants, wellness,
    sport and other services
  • Video animation
  • Hard and soft background lighting for
    walls and ceilings

Shopping malls,
events and exhibitions

Huge events are always a challenge in respect of transportation and capacities. Furthermore, some people are just overwhelmed by big shopping malls. Exact visible displays make an essential difference and help people finding their way. It goes without saying that well installed digital advertising via video walls influences efficiently the customer‘s behaviour and invitates to prolong the stay.

Art gallery

We help you to put a spin on your works of art.

With background illuminated LED gallery displays we revive your works of art; in order to adapt these individually to the taste of the art lover or to specific epoch and artists. 

Artistic installation

related to specific theme

We support artistic installation related to room, sound and picture by means of controllable Lichtfeld, digital video animations on various bases or also with 3D-projections in order to create an unique work of art.

Corporate Office

Business communicators have recognized how the
always-on, ever-present nature of digital signs improves their ability to keep staff and customers effectively imformed, engaged and motivated. Screens positioned
at the right places ensure people see what's important
and communications go up and come down on orderly schedules.


In the sector hotel and gastronomy many different people from all over the world meet on a daily basis. In order to ensure a most agreable stay for the guests, we offer an attractive ambience by means of various eligible light scenarios, vivid decor and animations. 

Our solution for your SPA

  • Increasing atmosphere of well-being by various
    light scenarios
  • High end back-lighted panels with or without photographs such as lagoons, waterfalls,
    natural scenery etc.

Our solution for your business

  • Displays for orientation
  • Actual overview on events and services
  • First aid/emercency exits
  • Take advantage of „blind“ spot for advertising (video walls on escaltor sides)
  • Illuminated advertising pannels and photographs
  • Corporate Design
  • Displays in various forms and sizes
  • Counters, tall-tables and lounge furniture of illuminated and controllable modules in order to equip for instance events with an unique clear hot spots

Our solution for your business

  • Back lighted high-end gallery displays in white or RGB
  • Select one motive or defined groups of motive via WLAN
  • Unique homogenous lighting on request with digital animation (for instance „follow the sun“ –
    animated by LED)
  • Eligible lighting scenarios in rooms for the comfortable atmosphere

We support you with

  • Controllable LED Lichtfelder for the integration
    of illuminated photographs
  • 3D animated projections in the room
  • Video paper walls in every size and form for
    digital animation

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