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Every surface

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LED technology enables marketers and communicators to create spectacular visual Lichtfeld panels of any dimension and scale. Through miniaturization and new manufacturing processes, indoor LEDs can now look vivid and crisp, while offering incredible brightness and removing visible seams. RE|EN|FU Lighting is in relationsships with quality manufacturers and can identify the optimal LED display technology based on customer‘s requirements.

Conference Room Solutions

  • Screen information specific to each meeting room
  • Customized to company brand and colors
  • Reduce no-Shows 
  • High-end LED lighted pictures turns into
    presentation boards

In- and Outdoor LED Screen / Video Wall(paper)

Make a big visual impact in any setting with a digital wallpaper that fills a theater wall or entrance area, a shop or an office block. Digital wallpapers are easy to handle and usable for advertising, branding, storytelling or even as visual art in any size and any shape. There can be a wide variety of shapes like squares, circles or polygons (on request also interactive).


Meeting Room Sign-Boards

Bring the meeting room occupancy, conflict and confusion to an end and optimize space with the right technology that enable traditional meeting rooms signs with real-time information systems.

LED backlighted picture turns into projection board

3D Visualization

We visualize ideas and plans into 3D in-room projections.

  • Exicte customers and stakeholders
  • Media enhancements that include 3D projections
  • Available in small to large scale

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